Mens O45 Inter County Stage 2 Result 2014/2015

With Nottinghamshire withdrawing three teams contested stage two of division 1 in the Over 45 Inter County Championships. Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Cambridge Hosted by Pontefract Squash and Leisure Club on Saturday 21st March.
The prise for the winner’s, promotion to the Premier division next season.

First match on court hosts Yorkshire against Derbyshire. Yorkshire got off to a flying start with both the third and fourth strings registering 3-0 wins. Ray Burke beating Jason Fearn 9/3 9/7 9/5,and Richard Briggs beating Mike Herrige 9/1 9/6 9/6, first string john Hanson secured victory by beating Greg Loach, his win was made easier with Loach retiring in the second game injured Hanson leading 9/7 1/6. Phil Davies fifth string and second string Jim Lord both registered 3-0 wins against Felix Frixou and Charlie Wall 9/2 9/1 9/4 and 8/10 9/4 9/0 9/3 respectively.

Derbyshire had to beat Cambridgeshire to stay in the race for promotion. Cambridgeshire came with only 4 players and having to concede the fifth string match. This gave hope for Derbyshire who had to win two matches, but they were denied by a strong Cambridgeshire team and duly lost all the four matches 3-0.

The winners of the final match of the day between Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire would win promotion to the premier division.
On paper it looked a very close match which could go ether way. In reality it turned out to be all over by the second game on court. Jim Lord one game down 4/9 and leading 3/2 when Danny Meddings retired injured. Yorkshire with two matches in the bag Richard Briggs secured promotion with a comfortable victory over Simon Elliot 9/5 9/0 9/3, Ray Burke continued the rout bating Andy Whitham 3-0 9/1 9/6 9/4. Last on court was the battle of two captains with Cambridgeshire’s captain Vinod Duraikan salvaged a little pride by beating Jonathan Lilley 3-0 10/8 9/5 9/0.

Yorkshire 1st 
Cambridgeshire 2nd 
Derbyshire 3rd

Cambs Squash is sponsored Redmayne Arnold & Harris