New Mens Captain - Robert Dadds!

Sadly last year 2013/2014 miscommunication led to Cambridgeshire Men not being able to field a team for the Stage 1 weekend. Hence this meant they were not eligible to enter a team for the follow up stage 2 weekend and were subsequently relegated to the lower division.

This year 2014/2015, Rob Dadds has stepped up to the captains role and will hopefully lead a strong Cambridge team back to where they belong!

However the latest news suggests that 2 of the Squad, namely Harry Leitch and Dan Soar are both nursing bad injuries so will unlikely be in time for the Stage 1 Weekend on Sat 8th/9th of November. Also Rob Dadds himself is away doing a coaching qualification that weekend too so Cambridge will have a tough weekend ahead of them.

Cambs Squash is sponsored Redmayne Arnold & Harris