Mens Inter County Results 2014/2015

Weekend 1:
Due to a few injuries and unavailability of players, the team struggled against strong sides from Bucks and Kent on Saturday. We did however salvage some pride on the Sunday, beating the side from Suffolk, and therefore finishing 3rd overall. 

Weekend 2:
With nothing to lose, we travelled to Warwickshire with a young county side, in preparation for next seasons campaign. We comfortably defeated sides from Warwickshire, Cumbria and Derbyshire, with the help of some convincing performances by the youngsters Tom Blair, Will Harris and Jeremy Harris.

This coming season the squad is looking really strong and we're confident that we will secure promotion. Some promising performances from the younger players at the county closed, combined with the more experienced team members and some new additions; Cambridgeshire could become the team to contend with over the next few years.

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