County Cups 2016/2017

It's that time of year again and I have been working on arranging the squash cup tournaments. My first attempts with SportyHQ have not worked as they do not allow users to create tournaments for themselves and appear thus far unable to set up a simple team tournament, despite multiple emails to them outlining this is what I want. First, they created individual tournaments. Now they have changed them into teams, but for some reason decided to change the competitions into leagues, rather than tournaments. I am completely baffled as to why they have done this, but I am continuing to chase them. 

However, as of today, I have given up on them and decided to do a Google spreadsheet as a backup. That way, everyone can at least plan their teams and courts in advance of the matches.

Here is the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SCpu51cWxze9iwAoR24wDRFC0PJU4o1itTg77eh6kus/edit?usp=sharing - it is enabled for sharing with the link, so please forward to your teams / friends / relatives etc.

I plan to keep trying with SportyHQ, but for now, you know your draws. Good luck :) 

Feel free to play matches ahead of the scheduled dates if they are not suitable for you or your team.

I have no doubt that you all need reminding of the rules, so I've attached them here for your convenience!

Below is a summary of the cup finals from May this year.

I look forward to another year of fun competition.
Any problems then please let me know via email at:- AndrewJDawson@outlook.com


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