Mens O35 Inter County Win Stage 1

Weekend 1 
Date: Sat October 15th 2016
Location: East Anglia Tennis and Squash Club , Norwich
Teams: Norfolk2, Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire
Squad: Stefan Morgan, Alistair Dawson, Avi Warren, John Williams and Tim Millington.

The final weekend results were:
Cambridgeshire - 36 pts
Oxfordshire - 17 pts
Norfolk2 - 16 pts

Well done team consisting of Stefan Morgan, Ali Dawson, Avi Warren, John Williams and Tim Millington on winning the Stage one County weekend against Norfolk2 and Oxfordshire.

Some very close matches in the first match against Norfolk with Tim winning 3-2, John winning 3-1, Avi winning 3-2, myself losing 3-2 and Stefan winning 3-0. Overall Result Cambridgeshire beat Norfolk2 19-8. 

Oxford (last years Inter County O35 Premier Champions) only turned up with 3 players due to the restructuring of the Inter County Regions and everyone being randomly put into groups based on Region instead of standard. Anyway that did not affect us and Tim and John played a friendly against each other whilst Avi and myself both won 3-0 and Stefan who had far too much Chilli at lunchtime didn't really turn up for the afternoon match and lost to their number 1. Overall Result Cambridgeshire beat Oxfordshire 17-3.
Overall we won the group and will be in some winners group (looks like against Warwickshire and Leicestershire) scheduled for Sat 14th of January.

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