Boys U17 Inter County Stage 2 V Yorkshire 2, Surrey 2 and Oxfordshire 22/11/15

The Team.

1.Scott Drewery

2.Harry Hennessy

3.Josh Abbs

4.Ed Wheeler

5.Peter Casey/Orlando Hodgson


First Match against Yorkshire 2

Now been a Yorkshire lad (Not a lot of people know that!) I anticipated that this would have been the hardest match even if it is there 2nd team.

First up

5. Peter Casey V Jack Hepworth

Peter got off to an ok start with some good hitting but then quite simply the wheels came off with plenty of hitting the ball to himself giving away quite a few strokes (How many was it Harry?) anyway he suddenly found himself 10-7 down however this didn’t seem to faze him and he comfortably won 13-11.  In the 2nd the same pattern this time winning 14-12, as they started the 3rd Peter had clearly broken Jack mentally and his headband was slowly slipping of his head, winning the 3rd and the match 3-0.

3. Josh Abbs V Maximus Cooke

Josh was up against a nice hitter of the ball very fluent so our tactic was to hit with different paces which worked a treat winning the first 11-9 with Max’s points only coming from Josh’s errors.  In the 2nd and 3rd it was the pattern with Josh finding his range and hitting less errors.

2 nil up great start against the mighty Yorkshire although it was becoming apparent that they were not that strong after all.

1. Scott Drewery V Matthew Dick

What can I say Scott was in fine form and took out the Yorkshire no.1 comfortably 11-1, 11-5, 11-5.

4. Ed Wheeler V Thomas Mynett

I didn’t see much of this match as I was Coaching Harry on court 1 however it looks like he also had a comfortable match winning 3-0

2. Harry Hennessy V Henry Palmer

After a nervy start Harry started to get into his rhythm hitting the ball with a good mix of pace and using his flexibility and rubber legs to get some amazing pickups.   Harry also won 3-0 making this a Yorkshire whitewash, giant bagel!!


Nice one team Cambridgeshire winning 20-0 against Yorkshire 2

Next up was Surrey 2 another strong County and they had a good battle against Oxfordshire.



Cambridgeshire V Surrey 2

5.Orlando Hodgson V Marcus Roberts

For this match following lunch time discussions I decided to give Orlando is County debut.  I felt that Orlando started well and it was a close call all the way through the first unfortunately Orlando lost out in the first to Marcus 10-12 with some fine shots from Marcus and a few untidy shots from Orlando to close out the first game.  Into the 2nd we went with the tactic of trying to change the pace rather than leathering the ball this seem to work and Orlando got into an early lead however Marcus starting pick him off winning the 2nd 9-11.  Orlando was still determined and showed great fighting spirit but unfortunately lost the 3rd and the match 7-11. 3-0

3. Josh Abbs V Dan Pritchard

I didn’t see much of this match as I was helping Orlando however I needn’t have worried Josh carried on in the same vein winning a comfortable 3-0 11-7, 11-5, 11-4

1. Scott Drewery V David Sanches

Judging from the warm up this was going to be a closer match than the one against Yorkshire 2.  I was not wrong with Scott taking the first 11-9.  Scott then upped the pace and positioned himself higher on the T which enabled him to volley more, winning the next 2 games 11-7, 11-5.  3-0

4. Ed Wheeler V Will Lowe

The first game was a close affair with Ed losing out 8-11, one nil down but I was not worried we then used Eds strengths and started hitting good mine and length to draw out the rallies and just need giving his opponent anything to attack from winning the next 2 games 11-5 and 11-3.  In the 4th Ed took his foot of the gas a little which let Will in however Ed managed to hang on closing out the 4th game 3-1.

2.Harry Hennessy V Luc Dreraul

Quite simply this was a good match for Harry commanding the rallies from the front and winning 11-3, 11-2, 11-7. 3-0


2 wins and the Trophy finals are in our sights beating Surrey 17-4           


Next up was Oxfordshire (A varsity match!)

Cambridgeshire V Oxfordshire

5. Peter Casey V James George

This was an up and down match with neither player taking real control.  Peter lost the game 3-11 and then won the 2nd game 11-7, then lost the 3rd 6-11 but then won the 4th 11-7 to take into a 5th and final game.  Both players again had their chances and Peter put in a valiant effort but in the end doing a lot of the running and running out of steam losing the 5th game 12-10.  I have to say although Peter was exhausted this match good of easily gone the other way.

3. Josh Abbs V Felix Kovari

Josh was clearly on fire this weekend much more positive with his squash using different paces at the right time and using this to move forward on the T and take control.  Josh won 11-5, 11-5, 11-4. 3-0

1. Scott Drewery V Nicholas Harbour

I remember this young lad from last time and not because he was using an Eye Racket!;)  But because of his racket skills silky smooth with some good deception.  However Scott was playing well and use his size and strength to his advantage keeping Nic at the back of the court and then taking him short when the time is right winning the 1st 11-6.  In the 2nd I feel that Scott relaxed just a tad and this let Nic in with some good racket skills and taking the ball in well at the front of the court, Scott losing the 2nd 9-11.  Scott regained his control in the 3rd winning this 11-7, the 4th started the same as the 3rd but Nic started to find his targets again and it went to a tie breaker with Scott closing it out 12-10.  Wining 3-1              `         

4. Ed Wheeler V Edward Beccle

After Eds last match he got off to a better start and took control of the rallies winning the first 2 games 11-6, 11-7.  Edward B then started to work Ed out and started to pick him off however Ed hung in there and clearly didn’t want to play another game winning 13-11. 3-0

2. Harry Hennessy V Louis Vyas

Harry was on good form this weekend as were all the Cambridgeshire players, he used good simple squash in the match.  As I always say get the foundations right and everything will come from those solid foundations.  Harry won 11-5, 11-5, 11-8.


Cambridgeshire beat Oxfordshire 19-4 

So we won and are now into the Trophy finals for a 2nd year in a row, great effort team and hopefully we can go one better this year and win the Trophy finals.         

Match Report James Powley

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