Technifibre British Championships Cambs Players Successes

Last weekend (October 29th to November 2nd) saw a number of Cambs Players take part in the Technifibre Junior British Championships.

First to note is that it is a prestigious event and you have to be reasonably well nationally ranked to get invited to play.

The following played with a brief note of their success.

GU13  Ellis Miller Finished 9th overall having lost in the 2nd round to the eventual winner, then winning 3rd, 4th and 5th rounds.

BU13  Harry Robson lost both his 1st and 2nd round matches

          Thomas Ramsey lost his 2nd, 3rd and 4th round matches

           Oliver Ramsey lost his qualifying round match

GU15 Darcie Mounter lost her 1st round match, won the 2nd round match and lost her 3rd round match

GU17 Casey Miller Lost her 1st round match followed by a bye and lost 3rd round Match

BU17 Scott Drewery Lost his qualifying round match to Will Henden a known adversary from Norfolk.

GU19 Emily Fuller lost 1st round, won 2nd and 3rd round, lost 4th round. Finished 10th.

          Charlotte Davies Initial Qualifying round match against Emily Fuller. Played at home venue which was not acceptable to organisers-retired from event

BU19 Greg Goodwin Lost 1st and 2nd round

Cambs Squash is sponsored Redmayne Arnold & Harris