County Ladies win weekend!

Cambridge Ladies Senior county team hosted the second half matches (again!). The team was depleted due to illness but we fielded a largely youthful team which bodes well for the future.

In our first match we faced Shropshire with a very mixed aged team! One of our young debutantes Charlotte D together with faithful captain 

Mhairi got us off to a strong start both winning 3-0. Another debutante 

Emily had a tougher game but winning it 3-2, while Tayla made a great start against her very experienced opponent who then got the next 2 games to make it an exciting 5th that Tayla won desicively. 

So it was left to the not so young Sarah to try and make it a clean sweep  which she did winning 3-0.
Shropshire then took on the young Avon side and the match was very close with lots going to 3-2s and it all going down to the very last match that went to a fifth and it ended up with a thrilling win for Shropshire!

We then took on Avon. Nadine came in to play that match and both she and Mhairi got us off to a great start winning 3-1 and 3-0 respectively. 

Tayla made short work of her opponent winning convincingly 3-0 while Emily did the same, winning 3-0. So again it was up to Sarah to try and not let the side down - which she did winning 3-1 against one of the former University girls.
So a great result - 2 county matches won 5-0. A great way to celebrate the end of county squash at Cambridge Squash Club.

The club is dead, long live Cambs county Squash!!!

Cambs Squash is sponsored by TonySquash and Redmayne Arnold & Harris