Juniors Inter County BU17 Trophy Finals 18-01-15

Last Sunday saw the BU17 Plate finals played at the new Cambridge University Squash Courts.

The match report follows:-

Cambridgeshire V Dorset

Zach Abbs V Phil Sargeant 9/11, 6/11, 5/11.........0-3
With the score line in matches 2 nil down and Harry winning the 3rd match it was all or nothing for Cambridgeshire.  Zach was faced with a very tough opponent, quite tall and volleying everything Zach threw at him.  Zach was close in the first game and had his chances but unfortunately lost this game and the match to a very consistent player. 
Scott Drewery V Charlie Sawyer 3/11, 11/4, 11/6, 11/3    3-1
By now we knew that we had lost the overall match so Scott was playing for pride he was a bit shell shocked in the first game losing it 11/3 but he went on to regain his focus and using the height and variety a lot more which created chances and he took them to close out the match 3-1.
Josh Abbs V Liam Alldridge 11/9, 5/11, 11/7, 11/13, 3/11    2-3
Josh was first on and got a great start for Cambridgeshire winning the first 11/9 however this had taken a lot out him and Liam took the next 11/5 then it was a seesaw battle with neither player taking ascendency but Josh managed to squeeze the 3rd 11/7.  One more for the win again the sore was very close and Josh had a match ball but Liam fought well and managed to clinch the 4th 11/13 this left it to the 5th and final unfortunately Liam proved to strong for Josh and he took 11/3 in the 5th game.    
Harry Hennessy V Charlie Hill 11/6, 11/8, 11/5    3-0
Unfortunately I didn’t see too much of this game but I had every confidence that he would win especially as his Coach Colin Griggs had popped in on his way back from Pontefract and he guided Harry to a comfortable 3-0 victory.   
Peter Casey V Joe Cook 11/6, 5/11, 15/13, 8/11, 5/11  2-3
Peter was also first on and again another 3-2 loss that could have gone either way.  Peter got of to a flying start his opponent then matched him with a similar score line closing out the second game 5/11.  The fireworks came in the 3rd game with Peter taking a crucial game to take the lead 3-1.  Unfortunately this was short lived as Joe went onto to win the next 2 games and take the match 3-2.   

Cambridgeshire lost to Dorset 10 points to 15. We are actually level on points it was only the bonus 5 points that made the difference.

Cambridgeshire V Oxfordshire  ¾ playoff

Zach Abbs V Ben Hedger 7/11, 3/11, 5/11    0-3
Following his younger brother was Zach unfortunately I didn’t see much of this one as I was watching Harry but it looks like again Zach but in a good performance but lost out to a better 3-0
Scott Drewery V Jacob Coxon 11/9, 9/11, 11/4, 7/11, 11/7     3-2
So Scott was playing for pride and to keep a clean sheet although he didn’t know this in the first game and went ahead 11-9, he the subsequently lost the next game 9/11.  Scott the took his opportunities much better in the 3rd game and shortened the rallies to take it 11/4.  Again Jacob came back at him with his clear tactic to lengthen the rally and won the 4th game 7/11.  So for the 4th time today we were into another 5th game!  Finally Scott came good played some really good attacking shots to win the game 11/7.  Well done Scott Cambridgeshire’s only clean sheet.
Josh Abbs  V James Crook 11/9, 13/11, 11/7      3-0
Was this the same Josh!  He played a very hard fought first game 11/9 and battled hard in the 2nd to take it in the tie break 13/11.  This then set the scene for the match and Josh played with much more consistency to take the 3rd 11/7. 
Harry Hennessy v Louis Vyas 11/9, 8/11, 11/6, 9/11, 7/11     2-3
For some reason I had a feeling that this was a key match and I wasn’t wrong we needed to win this match so that Scott was fighting for the whole match and a win against Oxfordshire.  The first 2 games went either way with the player that made the most mistakes losing out.  Harry then played an error free game with got height and depth on his shots to take the 3rd 11/6.  Louis then match Harry and did the same to him in the 4th game with some excellent play at the front.  So down to the last game and again it came down to consistency in which Louis held on to take the 5th game 11/7 and win the whole match for Oxfordshire.
Peter Casey V Felix Kovari 14/15, 5/11, 8/11     0-3
Peter was again 1st on and narrowly missed out on closing the first game with several game balls, seems to be the theme of the weekend!  Peter then lost his way tried valiantly but lost out to tricky player 3-0. 
Cambridgeshire lost to Oxfordshire 7/15

So in short some great Squash but a frustrating 4th I think the phrase is very, very close but no cigar!
Well done to all the Cambridgeshire juniors win or lose you all played with true grit and gave it your best.

James Powley

Cambs Squash is sponsored Redmayne Arnold & Harris