Inter County Boys U17 Second Round 23-11-14

Boy U17 Inter County – Bedfordshire, Suffolk and Middlesex.

V Bedfordshire

A good start to our campaign with a 4-1 win over Beds, Peter and Josh getting things going with 2 wins Peter winning 11-6 in the fifth and Josh winning fairly comfortably 3-0.  Next on was Zach against a tough no.1 Sam McCoy, Zach slowly got himself started going 2-0 down and narrowly losing out in the 3rd 12-10.  Harry was on court on the other court and won 3-0 to get Cambridgeshire’s first team victory of the weekend.  Scott then went onto win 3-1 with two tie breakers winning 13-11 in the 4th game.    

Cambridgeshire win 17-6


V Suffolk

The team to beat as they had just beaten Middlesex 3-2.  First on again was Peter and Josh to get things moving for us.   Peter again enjoying his 5 set matches did not disappoint and won 11-4 in the fifth game and Josh won 3-0 with a tie break in the 2nd game winning 12-10 and then winning the match 3-0.  Zach then went on against George Stammers, again a slow start from Zach losing the first 2 games but this time he managed to turn things around and won a thrilling match 11-7, 11-9, 12-10 a real nail bitter and another team victory.  Harry then went on for more points and didn’t disappoint winning 3-0 and Scott lost out 3-0 after narrowly losing the 2nd game 16-14!

Cambridgeshire win 17-7


V Middlesex

With the weekend almost won even if we lose to Middlesex we were sure to win however there was no time for complacency and only a win would do!  First on of course was Peter and Josh.  Peter winning 3-1 and Josh 3-0 a great start.  Zach then went on this time a better start winning 3-0 and the final team win in the bag, Harry had a tough match against a player that loved diving all over the court losing the close 3rd game 18-16 and never really recovering from that losing the match 3-1.  Last on was Scott who played a very controlling match to win and close out the weekend 3-0. 

Cambridgeshire win 18-4


1st. Cambridgeshire 52pts

2nd . Suffolk 38pts

3rd . Bedfordshire 28pts

4th. Middlesex 17pts

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