Mens O45 Win Stage 1!

A great result over the weekend to finish top of the group. As with all these weekends, it is very hard to predict how strong the opposition is going to be.

Welcome and thanks to Danny Meddings who joined our squad this weekend and made a significant impact on our results by coming in at one and winning 2 out of his 3 games. We had strong performances from the Simon, myself and Andy Whitham who won all our matches. We were grateful to Gordon as he stepped in to make up the full team after having returned from a months holiday only a few days earlier.

Our opponents were Nottinghamshire (Hosts), Buckinghamshire and Kent. The potential outcome of the weekend quickly transpired after the first match as Cambs beat Bucks 4-1 and Notts beat Kent 5-0. Cambs beat kent 4-1 in the afternoon and Notts came close to loosing against Bucks but won 3-2 after a couple of 3-2's.

As two teams progress to the promotion weekend, Cambs and Notts had booked their place as Bucks who were 3rd couldn't pick up enough points to leapfrog Notts.

So a great result to finish top of the table and we look forward to the promotion weekend in March.

Cambs    53 points
Notts       39 points
Bucks      30 points
Kent        10 points

Please see attached spreadsheet for the full match results.

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